Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Long January

By now, many of you have probably seen Ali's blog and know of the big news that occurred on February 2, 2008. But as you know, my blog is on a bit of a lag, so unless you have talked to me directly, or heard through the grapevine, you haven't heard my side of the story.... so here it goes.

My story begins around noon on a Friday in mid December, the day I took Ali to Gladstones for a nice dinner on the beach. I was invited to eat a Japanese lunch at with my good friend Byron Williams, from work, and his hilarious wife Kim. This couple is rather good at making me smile and getting the hic-up laugh out of me, which ended up turning heads at the restaurant, but that still didn't explain the even wider smile I had on my face that afternoon. Seeing that smile, Kim probed, and I instantly responded telling them that I had plans to take Ali to dinner and was going to hint to Ali that I wanted to marry her. Shrieks of excitement roared from Kim's mouth which resulted in more hic-up laughs from me.

Being a bit nervous, my first attempt at Gladstones to broach the subject of marriage failed miserably and ended up with me saying "Aren't we suppose to get some free bread here," right after telling Ali that I wasn't super hungry. Smooth one slick! Then finally, after dinner my nerves couldn't handle it anymore and, while playing with Ali's finger, I asked what size ring she wears.

Speaking of rings, I picked out, with a little guidance through pictures from Ali, the engagement ring the weekend after Christmas break and was on the phone moments later with Ali's best friend, Ashley Burnett. Ashley was in on helping me come up with ideas on how to propose, so we brainstormed. I knew that Ali was going to be in New York for Ashley's birthday celebration the first weekend in February, so Ashley and I decided it would be a great idea to fly out to New York and surprise her in Central Park with the ring. We both loved the idea, we thought it would be perfect.

So with the plan in place and the ring on its way, the only thing left to do was wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until February 2. Every time I checked the calendar, and it was every day, it kept telling me that there were 31 days in January. I don't buy it. I swear there were at least 90 days in January 2008. It was the longest month EVER!

When February 2 finally did arrive, I was greeted at the airport by my great friend Christine (see her blog), who helped make this weekend happen. After showering at Ashley's friend's apartment and picking up a dozen red roses on the street corner, Christine and I were on our way to Belvedere Castle in Central Park. The entire morning while waiting for Ali to show up on the castle, I was uncannily calm and extremely happy and confident with the decision I was momentarily going to make. I wasn't nervous or scared one bit....well at least until I dropped to my knee, where I fumbled and forgot most of the words that I wanted to say.

With all the planning and excitement that is going on in our lives right now, it is clear to say, she said YES!!!!

June 14, 2008 - Salt Lake City


Maxine said...

Hey, I thought I'd heard rumors! Congratulations, Brian! Ali looks like an awesome gal! Good luck with wedding plans. :) Here's us:

Lindsey said...

It's always fun to hear the guys side. Way to go, Brian! We're super excited:)

The Malie's said...

I am so excited for you!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

jbeany said...


I'm so happy for you! I loved reading your side of the story, the waiting and waiting and waiting part was so cute. I loved it.


ibid said...

B: well played.


CGibb said...

Brian! It's been to long!! I found your blog on my cousins page and was so excited when I realized it was you! CONGRATULATIONS! Ali is gorgeous and you two look so happy! I'm so happy for you!

CGibb said...

Just in case you weren't sure, it's Candice "Porter" Gibb... :)

korth fam said...

Congrats to the happy couple!! We wanna have ya'll over sometime for dinner! June is fast approaching!!!

Mike and Kelly said...

We received your Wedding Announcement yesterday. It looks great! We are excited for you two. See you in a month!

Anonymous said...

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